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he more at easy. we're glad you came. patrice smiled. ben caught my guy. he began to rearrange the forskin. it seemed to swell. when he removed it, he said, i open it's okay. i'm sort of a kiss pig. no problem. as i caught my breath. ben removed. he reported getting a big laugh. i should tell you something. i am used to this moment arising. i tried to make it easier for him. we always play safe. so it's something else. we waited for the penny to drop. i do your momma's hair. this simply did not compute. ben looked up at him completely open mouthed. what he murmured. i do his momma's hair. in this moment of raw revelation. the obvious pride she showed in her new hair dresser. i thought you were a woman. how did you about who we were? >> she has a picture of y'all in her room. y'all by waterfall. she talks about you all the time. jesus said ben. what are the chances of this? patrice shrugged. why didn't you say something earlier? they ain't going to happen with your momma in the conversation. i liked the way he naild that down. i felt bad about it later. i almost didn't come. i n
'm patrice harris. let's get a check of our forecast as people are getting up and out on this wednesday morning. meteorologist stevv fertig is here and this is it. >> yes.3 %-it's going to feel a little warler thi!!warmer this morning. it does this morning. >>take a look at the bus stop, 54 degreesswith partly cloudy skies and we will see some ssnshhne to start the day. more louds later on in the aaternoon and maybe evee a thunderstorm popping. 66 is the ttmperature in baltimore, 61 in salisbury, 64 in hagerstown, remember, yesttrday we were seeing 40s in there, upper 40s som in somef the corners of the statee you can see we have the showers in the frontal boundary in that chance for a late day showee or thunderstorm. 88 degrees are to the high. it may be a hot one today. let's see what is happening on the roadways with lauren cooke. laurenn good morning. >> reporter: thank yoo, steve and good morningg so far so good on the road as we ú%ke a liie look in the whitemarsh. no problems to report northbound or southbound. an average speed of 55 miles per hour. all is clear traveling throo
th. i'm patrice harris. remnnntt of tropical storm 96 region. we have weatter coverage of that system. %-safe.ther team is keeping you emily grace is out there and followinggthe storm here in our studio. %-good morning, steve.ú%th3 >> reporttr: good morning, patrice. have nicoll oot there.weedon't a watch where we earlier had a ú%rnado warning that expirrd at 4:30 this morning. now the tornado watch continues until 1:00 at the eastern shore. you will see the heaviest rain to the south. we're getting closer now and show you exactly where we're seeing theeheaviest rain. you can see toward annapolis ii fact ann we will gettcloserú still, you will see the heavvest rain, and that indicated by the annapoois area as well, and those arees will continue to the areas that you see here in we will ccntinue to see heavy ddwnpours throughout he area through the morning ann throogh the day. we will get a wide ssreen3 picture and show you other areas %-you caany pleety of up toward ú%e northeast part of the state. up ii cecil county,,seeing heavy rain and where it's heavy next we will see the s
in downtown baltimore. good morning, i'm patrice harris. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a ook aa ouu forecast. as we are halfway thrrugh the week. good morning. >>> good morning, to you, and we are setting tte stage of the possibility of heavy raii coming your way for overnight tonight into tomorrow. we are talking about tropical ddpression umberr16 and it's coming our way, guys. ttke look at what e have.3 any sunshine that we have thii morning,,ann it's not much, is of the system coming our way. then some ssowers begin to move in for the southern part of the state, later in the day and for thh rest of us later this evening and overnight as well. ccld front from the west will also help bbing us the heaay3 -ain. we alreaay have a flash-flood watch, not for what we're expecting so much. it continues until tomorrow night untill9:00 p.m. you see the most area the in that region and the area na is noo nder a flooddwatch to the eastern shore. some locations more than that, flooding definit definitely a possibility for tomorrow. toddy mostly dry at he us stop.3 we will see the temper
is tracking earl here in our sky watch weather center. good morning, steve. >>> good morning, patrice. the best thing ki tel can telu decreased in strength.earl has a cattgory iii. the ocean shore, where the most vulnerableebands will be. the rain starting to move into the ocean city areaaand the winds will be picking up some. we don'' thinkkit will be as strong as we earlier thought but iitwill be significant enough to ú%at is still tropicalwinds, storm-force winds. that is still significant -nough. as we watth it move furthhr north and east and away from us, it means a better sse scenario n it woull have been if it was %-tte center of the storm off of cape has rase..3 hatteras. we are waach the heaviest rain3 with gusts innthat part of the higher. %nd for us we will see the winds gets closer. we will have more coming up later this morning. right now let's seeewhht is happening on the roadwayy with lluren cooke. sse has the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. ú% far o good on the roads. no probbems to report. we're loooing at high speeds onú many of our mmin lines as
traveling through the unnell from the fort you're looking at a minut!9-mine %-patrice, back to you. >>> today we have been talking about all week,,hurricane earl is suuposed to pass by ocean city early this morning. megan gilliland is down the %-has made any impact so far. good morninn, meggn. >> reporttr: good morning, patrice.3 just in the past our or so. we woke up and it was a calm, quiet and humid start to the day. gusts of up to 10 miles per hou3 really changiig. look down tte beach. visibility, a lot of midst and a lot of ssnd being thrown up in here. a humid start to the morning but that is being cut in half by the cool air sweeping through the you can see a lot of trees just shaping right now in the boardwalk as the wind continues to push through. storm s churning through nnrth carolina right now. at one point there were susttined winds of up to 30 miles per hour. one gust in hatteras reported up to 67 miles an hour, againheadet now. this is the torm headed our way. how it is going to affect ocean city yet to e known. of course, weere going to be out here telling you e
>>> 5:29 is the time. on this labor day monday morning. gooo morning, i'm patrice harris. a lot of people off work today and ready to celebrate and just enjoy the day. mmeteorologist steve fertig is here to join us. >>> not too earll with the raven's countdown. >> we're already thinking about the avens, jet game. >>> nnver too early to start ú%lking about fall, and cool start for ome this morninn. 53 degrees at hagerstown but 66 innbaltimoreeis not too bad. we will see the temperatures climb nicelyytoday into the low 80s and as yyu can see sky hd radar not revealing anything but clear skies, and looking good. the bigger picture is showing showers up in the midwest that issarr going to steer to the north and east of us. 78 degrees t midday temperature starting at 57. we will liib at the 84-degree mark at 4 or 5:00 in the afternoonnevening and drrp back %-we havv weather for you as far as the baltimore orioles forecast, too, coming up in just a little bii. right now let's senn it back to you. patrice. >>> 5:31 on fox 45 early edition. -he u.s. department of labor secretary ma
>>> good mooning. it's thursday, september 30th. i'm patrice hhrris. it's a wet and rainy start to the morning. we are dealing with the remnantú of tropiccl storm nicole and because of it, tte mmyor hassed baltimore city emerggncy operrtion centers to become operational ssart the at 7:00 this morning. that is duu tt rain and those folks need to be in therr to respond to flooding calls that are sure to come in. people are already out there3 seeing the problems that they're going to face as they get out the tropical storm reenants of -icoleeis all overrour region. safe both out in the field and theesky watch weather centee. meteorologist emily gracie live latest stormy conditions and flood wwtches and getting rained on out there and meteorologist steve fertig and covering theú storm right to your neighborhooú with the pooerful iradar. and theeheavy rain making it hard to travel across the area. we wiil bringgwhat issgoing oo you're taking a llve look at3 different spots throughout the region. some places you see the congestion, and othersscars are3 moving lalong. along..3 you w
nation rrised during the labor day telethon. >>> good morning. %-i'm patrice 7th. a lot of people getting back to the weather, a little cool right now but getting better. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look aa hat we can expect. >> we can't stop talking about -he ravens. >> we have been talking about >> with the terps aad the maryland winning. >> i tell yyu what, weather wise we're going to make the moves up the ladderrin terms of the temperatures getting into the upper 80s. it will be a sunny day, a pretty day, though. although the humidity will star3 to climb, too. 599in hagerstown andd62 in salisbury. sky hd radar and high pressure is shifting off to the east a little bet mor bit more and briu the southerly flow. we see the showers to the west that dissipates as the front pushes through. you could get to the west by late tonight passing through in those areas much generrlly friday night and cooler,,3 breezier conditions mmve in behind that front foo thursday and friday. mostly sunny and cooler, thursday throughhsaaurday even. showers and a thunnerstorm mos
morning, patrice, if this plan works, it means you can breathe easy for a while without holding your noss. it means cleaner water for the organisms that live in the bay and all of us that eat out of it. last month a few dozen people oysters and other shell fish that came from the bay. studies even showed it to be as ddrty as a toilet. a lot of ppople, even students havv tried their best to ccean it up.3 sediment pollution.d with our bay is in trouble. >> reporter: those concerns could be washed away. less than a month ago, six water plan under a strategy ordered by president obaaa. now the epa will submit its plan. by the water staae. for the most this process was smooth sailing. there's a ripple in virginia. officials there are concerned about the coss and the science behhnd the cllan up strategy which will require cut plans by3 farmers and others. megan gilliland. early edition. >>> a man is dead after being shot several timms in east baltimore it happened at north broadway, and eaat oliver street. the victim waa shot several times in the stomach. -hhre he later died. police have no mo
nursing home. heiggts avenue with more on who eese the ffre diiplaced. good morning mess an. patrice.ter: good morning, intiend m!!combined me is the in of hillsdale avenue. still a lot of crews on the scene. there's smoke creeping up over the top here where crews are working to put out he hotspots. the fire ignnted inside of a vacant home around 3:30 this morning but it did spread to both houses on either side, next -dor to one of them, ne per waú ddsplaced out of hat home. on the otherrside is actually a nursnursing home and ffur eople from that newsing home were evacuate. ú%l 5 of those people are expected to be okay. a this point, the crews are making sure that the hotspots are out and everyone in this area is safe. there's no word on a cause or anything thht might have started this, but still hotspots out here riggt now. you can see this road, liberty heights closed at this point. they're hoping within the next hour it will reopen and hildale. patrice, back to you. >>> in the nursing home that was damaged in thh fire. how bad, will the residents be able to go in once the
're taking a live look over theeinner harbor. good morning, i'm patrice harris. ú%sterday was a beautiful day. i hope you enjoyed your labbrú day. continued do yesterday, a lot of people gottout and haa picnics and cookouts to celebrate the day off. and let's see what he i we haven store. meteorologist steve fertig is here. >>> good morning, aalittle about the ooe humid and more summer-like as we get toward thh end of summer with only two weeks left and a day. 69 degrees the temperature right now. not a bad start this morning, temperature wise, 70 in d.c. 61 in salisbury and 70 in hagerstown. clear ssies is what we're going to enjoy aaain withhthe sunshining brightly with the showers staying to the north an3 out of our way. checking tt 88 deggees for the high, it will be a warm day with a southwest wind at 10 miles per -fternoon. we will tall about what to expect for the rest of the week in a few minutes. heee is lauren ccoke. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: ggod morning, city. we do have trouble in northwest baltimore, a i houue ffre has shutdown hiil avveue. you want to stick with gle
-minute trip withú an average speed of 4 miles per -hat's the traffic edge report, patriceback to you. >>> thank you, laurrn. 5:31 fox 45 morning news early edition. >>> a group of first responders remeebered and those who lost %-they have been running across the country for about a month. today the tour of duty is in balttmorr. megan gillillnd is live with the latest on their journey and where they decided to stop here. >> ood morniig, patrice. that tour of duty ccnsists of 36 runners, 20 americans and 16 australia's. most are firefighters and some33 poliie officers and paramedics. they ave a run to remember and for some of them stopping here in baltimore for a special triiute. >> just after sunset last night, college's new shawn eeanoú memorial field. it was named after a 1995 graduate and captain f the club rugby team who died in the 9/11 terrorists attacks at the world3 trade centtr. he was a personal riend to some to them it was a special top to remember shawn ann other firefighhers. ú%>> we wanteddto make sure and cootribute to those who died an3 making sure thht people r
. good morning, i'm patrice harris. all smiles around here about that. %-forecast with meteorologist steve fertig. >>> we are all in our purple. >> yes. >> ready for this big game. it's going to be a nice night up tte craft is going to bb just as nice. take a look at wha!! what we got now. we have to get past the morning to enjoy 54 in baltimmre and he and a little bit more so as we head north and west. dry conditions right now as you see, though there's a little bit of fog we will see plenty of sunshine later as the frontal boundary stays well toothe it's going to bring showers up at new york state and furthhr north where the game is going to 54 degrees today. and yesterday we were only in the 60s. we are doing better. start. how are the roadways doing this morninn? we have check in with lauren cooke. >> reporter: we have trouble on 95 where three tack for threr trailers should shutdown the lane. you want to stick with rue. from while marsh boulevar whitey and from 295 to the toll you're 52 miies per hour. >>> 5:42 fox 45 early edition. opening ssatements are exppcted of three men
>>> welcome back to fox 45 morning newss i'm patrice harris. let us know what is on your mind and your ressonse coull air in our faceeook feedback egment. just go to fce fan aad join the conversation. >>> let head into our weekend forecast as we head into our home game weekend. >>> ravens are openiig at ome and at thht time it will be very comfortable and very nice.ú in the meantime we will be ú% will be close. we have fog to deal with this as we haae moisture in place and that contributes to the there, be aware that could be reduced visibility in spots. 72 in baltimore and 68 in salisbury, and 78 hagerstown. we averageearound 70 across the ssate and not seeing a whole lot innthe way of rain, certaiiny. that is not in fact in our forecast today. most of that stays well o he north and out of our way. aa we climb to 87 eggres, it's we will get he fog and ennoy -lenty of sunshine. mostly cleer still after getting to the hiih of 93 degrees. we will see if we can get to the record of 95 later. what is happening on the roadways right now? cooke who has a check on the lauree
. meteorologisttsteve fertig who %-our sy watch weather center. ú%od morning, steve. >>> good morning, patrice..3 we are concerned about the southern part of the eastern shore around worcesttr county. however it's weakened some in strength..3 it doesn't mean we can relax. take a look at the sky hd radar and you can take a look at the rain. these are the stronger bands moving towwrd ocean city nd further points inland. nnt seeing a whole lot of rain, -nt like this seeing the outer banks in north carolina where north and east of it. to the taking more of a northeasterly track as you can see the outer bands seeing siinificant ain for tte outer banks as well. we will see some of that activity come our way. it's going to weaken as it hoffs in our direction. theecenter of this hurricane is expected to stay out to sea by 175 miles as far as the center goes. ww will keep a ccose eye on this, a far as the rest of he story tropical storr warning for is we will continne to see -mprovement and give you a nicer wwekend to follow. that is coming up in a few right now et's send it over to lauren cooke who has
> welcome back to fox 45 early 5530 is the time. i'' patrice harris. forecast. meteorologist steve fertig with wwat we can expect this middleú -f the week wednesday. getting into the upper 80s not -uite the niz w 0s 90s we got o yesterday. big changes for thursday and friday. the 90s ffr thursday and friday just the way eveeybbdy else likes it. maybe not, i know there's a lot of 90s looers out there. take a look. here is what we got as far as the temperature at the bbs stop 766degrees.ú it's a mild start right now. a liitle breezy with partly cloudy with mostly cloudy kies and 77 is the temperature n -altimore, 75 in d.c. 74 in sslisbury and 75 in ú%gerstown. sky hd radar indicating a ouple of showers thht coulddbe headdd in our direction. there could be a light shower in the western part of the state this morning. drier air is going to win out over the state.3 again you see the showers dissipating as the frontal boundary that is indicated by the line of showers moves through. ttat line will bring cooler air behhnd it. today we stay n the mild side, 83 degrees by noon and w
tickets to the virgin mobile free fest. september 22nn.g. i'm patrice harris. weere in the final hours of summer. meteorologist steve feetig isú here to fill us in. >> ou llke fall, i'm sad to see %-i'm ready. >> it's one the hottest. >> for some people it's going to be welcomed relief. it's going to be a warmer day todayythan it was yesterday. we're going in the opposite diiection, pptrice. look at the temperature riggt now. we saw yesterday, talkinn bout temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s in many locations. we were in the low 60s downtown. now we're in the low to mid-60s throughout state. for the time being, bbt we do think we wwll get ssme shower channes later as the front that ii bringing some showers through the great lakes and eastern midwest comms our wwy for later in theeday, maybe a fewwshowers then. that frontal bouudary brings in3 the shower chancessbecause arm air will be ahead offit. it will be providinggus a little bit of lift, and with it shower chances for later afternoon and sunny start to the day, and clouds llter, thundeestorms, near 90 not just today but
, september seccnd. i'm patrice harris. let's get a checc of our forecast. see what is happeeing with hurricane earl. here with all of that information, gooddmorning. >> itts etting closer. good morning tt you. weeis have a tropical storm warnnng for the northern part of ú%t seeing a whole lot in the area right nowwbut you see to the south ann east, there's ear3 %-and coming our generalmed eye dirrction. expect to see it move off of th3 we are in the 70s and very commortable, a warm start, saliibury at 68 and 933ddgrees ii where we're headed for the high. it wwll be a hoo one once again. we will keep an eye on the tracking of earl in a few minutes. rye now here ssthe traffic edge. -> reporter: if you are you are looking aa a dissbled car. you're looking at an 11-minute ride from 795 to 955with a high-speed of 55 iles per hour. it will remaii clear from 99 to 833 that will take you 11 minutes as well. yoo're lloking at an average speed of 555 iles per hour theree -he corridor remains clear from whitemarsh to thh beetway, youure looking at a 4-minutt drive with an average pee
. >>> good morning. it's wednesday, september th. mime !!i'm patrice harris. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at praft and ad a lot of people were saying yesterday as really hot. and today we are going to get to 88, e think as we thought yesterday aad we're going to enjoy some sunshine mixed with a thouug. a chance of a few showers in the westtrn part of theestate. 70s throughoutt you see he frontal boundary, a line of -howers moving west to east butú breaking apart quite a bit for it looks like montgomery county may be seeing it a little bit of light activity this morning. it will be light and that frontal boundary is going to what that will do is bring cooler air as we get to tuesday and friday aad we will see the chance of rainshowers by sunday. mootly sunny and windy today and tomorrow. ittwill be a warm day tooay with the upper 80s and then ittwill be cooler in the upper 70s. seasonnble eekend in the low 80s with a chance of a shower on sunday. let's see what is happening with lauren cookk. sheer is here with he traffic edge. lluren, good morning. >> reporter:
of the regular season. >>> good morning.3 it's friday, september 10th, i'm patrice harris. about that because the weekendd is here, but we are also excited because it's our turn to talk with you on our facebook pageú about anytting you wwnt.3ú let us know what is on your mind and your response could air in our ffcebook feedback seggent. always an interestinn segment. go tt ffxbaltimore.coo/bbltimore to oin in on the conversation and become a fan. >>> we need to get checkee in now with meteorologist steve fertig to see what we can expect >> yeah, it starts very nice today like yesterday. a little breezy but comfortable, upper 70s aad nice day ffr sunday.efore in rain is in >> this ii football weathhr, it's about time. -p>> it could cool off. that's what it's going to do next week. it's going to be cooler still. -e will give you that in the seven-day orecast in a ew ú%nutee..3 63 degrees in baltimore, buu in saaisbury -- 51 in salisbury chiily there. a ice day, high pressure bringing us the nicc day toddy ú% it slides off to the east. the next front comes in from the remnants from hermi
patrice harris. >>> let's get a check of our forecast because people are lot of people off of work today. meteorologist steve fertig is herr with the kind of day you >>a lot of barbeques goong on today. we got terps game, and we've got, what else do we have? we got the orioles afternoon game. great weather for all. >> lots of sunshine, yeah. >> never a bad thing to go back to -- >> it will be nice out there inú matter what ou have planned.3 you have a barbeque planned. the temperatures climbing to the 88s, right now 55 degrees in baltimore..3 -3 n salisbury and cooler in hagersttwn. %-radar.ry conditions on sky hd high pressure is responsible ú%th the sun. we will get warmer coming in here for tomorrow as we see the approaching for wednesday. it could pop up lighh shower in spots but the kee cooler aiir the end of the trip. warm days, cool nights, and the theme for this week. mainll sunny through friday. with more shhwers. ú%better chance for saturday. right now, let's turn it back to you, patrice. >>> 6:01 on fox 45 morning news. the head of the u.s. labor department pays a visit
the northeast cord o corridor,,an ae speed of 55 miles per hour. patrice, back to you. >>> in today's primary eeection all eyes in baltimore city are on the race for city state'ss3 attorrey. incumbent patricia jessamy is facing gregg bernstein. megan gilliland is ive at grrnt elementary where gregg ii expectee to be there.3 >> reporter: the polls are opening and already -xcitementing building here. there's news crews and the signs lining the sidewalks as enter tte school where a lot of people will be voting today.ú bernstein no doubt the underdog here this morning facing jessamy a 11 year incumbent of the position. bernsteinn truly picking up speed, picking up major endorsements, like the baltimore sun and the city policemen. and a nnw one, billy murphy a long time defenss attorney. this morning, bernstein will be makingghis way to the school. he will be greeting voters all morning ong. the high-profile defenss attorney came out of nowhere in this primary, giving jesssmy, perhaps the toughest battle she has encounteree. jessamy was appointed to the city state attorney positionn3 back in 1
start the new week. good morniig, i'm patrice harris. it's time to get a check of our forecast to see what can he we n expect as we head into the next week. >> good morning, what a gorgeous weekend. a beautiful sunset. >> until 1:00 yesterday. -p>> a cloud came over us. >> it would have beennnice to go with two games beginning the season. ú%> they will e ffne i'm sure of it. let's see what is going on through the. everyone juut calm down. pretty day and mostly sunny skiis. what ou will enjoy is the temperaturessthat are %-maabe a little breezy this. afternoon. here is a look attwhat we have as far as what we have, skipping right through, temperatures that we should get up to, for the high 800degrees, or right around pleasant and cooler. it could be rather chillyy 50 degrees and cool. that's a look at the weather. right now lauren cooke has the traffic edge. ú% reporrer: thank you, and good morning. ú% far to good on the roads. as for the west side of the roadway, we are looking at ann 11-minute ride on the outer loop all remains clear if you are traveling through the tunnels, th
. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, the economic bureau of research is saying that the recessiin is over. however, a lost people in maryland and across the country aren't believing those numbers. they are look at them and trying toofind out more. we are getting a lot of responses trying too see hat u all have to say. obama is even addressing. >> obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are stuck ling to pa!!! struggls from day-to-day, it's still very ú%al tt them. report, 73% of the likely voter in maryland say that the u.s. is still currently in a recession. 16% say no, 10% were not sure. out of work ann lookinggfor aone here is what some of our facebook fans have to say about this news. lisa wrote in and said, tell that to my husband who got laid off in ebruary of this year. they don'ttknow what they're talking about. what do you think, is thh recession over? let s kkow on the facebook page. i will be reading your responses throughout this morning. megan gill lapped, gilliland, fg news. >>> police ar
with an accident at haavest havre deegrace at ro. patrice, back to you. tte state, governorro'malley has activated maryland's emergency management center. ination did to the rain high winds are expecteddwhich couldú mean power outages along with floodinn. in baltimore, crews spent a lot drains to keep wter levels there are 52,000 storm drains inlets across the city. even though not ll of thee had to be cleared. -aak he ones that theyy o.o >> i feel so bad that the crews have to work so hard to cllarú these. but f we could get people top throwing trash in the trains. from the maryland emergencyiale management ggncy aboot how they prepared for the storm. that is coming up n our 7:00 hour. >>> tropical storm nicole is being blamed for at least two deaths in jaaaica including a child when the floodwattr swept away a home. the storm ripped thhough tte countty knocking down power and bringing down bridges. ú%ficials say theedeathhtoll could increase because of flash flooos and mudslides. tornado wwtch n effect in the 1:00 this afternoon, a you know a arundel, altimore county, baltimore county
's thursday, september 9th.3 you're taking a live look over i'm patrice harris. let's get a check of the meteorologist tony pagnotti is in for theemorning. it's going o be delightful cool if you want a break from all the heat and humidity, we got it for you today. we also got a weatherrheadline. check this out. direct from the national weather service. 59 days, it is the hottest summer ever since 1943, we about it ooay. 58 degrees, nice and cool to start the bbeezes will be kickkng up throughout the day. right now gusts up to 15 to 25, but look at this, sunshine, thh ddlightful 77 degrees for the daytime high. let's get an early morning check and see if it's a breeze out on %-here a lauren. %-well, so far so good., tony. we are however dealing with a disabled park i car in the parke area at ld harford oad. no problems to report if you're traveling the beltway in the area checking in and taking a live ook at harford road, you can see not too many people out juut yet, but those that are moving along the inner and oute3 -oops just fine. if you're traveling from 95 to 83, you're
morning, i'm p patrice harris. check in with meteorologist3 steve fertig because everybody is keeping an eye on earl especially the eastern shore. >> reporter: you are thinking how soon can that change? at the inner harbor not much. and strong surf kunts and that d that is going to e happennng early tomorrow morning. you can see off the georgia coast, there's earl making its way toward the eastern seaboard. we are expecting it to move will be aastrong surf nd at strong wind that we will be ddaaing withhfor the area. rest of us not too bad. %-way it should be with cleare skies for the bus stop. a rather mild stop. you will see around the area we got temperatures around the 77s. it's pretty mild all over except in oakland it's 66. headed to 93. it's anothhr hot ay today. will you feel the humidity, too. eked woo. we will let you knoww hat it shapes up for this weekend once eaal passes to the northeaat. right now let's checkkthe traffii with the lauren cooke. on the rods. nroads. as we pull thht set up..3 just yet but those ho areds traveling southbound you're look ago a 4-minute dr
at a 9-minute ride with an average speed of 53 miles per hour. patrice, back to you. >>> thank yyu, lluren. >>> coming up on 5:31 now on fox 45 early edition. the search is on for a suspect who ssabbed a man and left him for dead. it happened at ric reisterstown early thissmorring. megan gilliland is live this morning where police are searching for clues. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, crews are behind me at franklin3 boulevard. this is where the stabbing happeneddhours agg. crime sceee haa been cleared, but again, police are ssill searching for clues trying to figure out who is responsible for all of this. it hhppened around 12:300 his morning. police aae not ssrr if this was %-bblieve a fight broke out befe the victim was stabbbd of the his iijuries are life-threatening at this point. the person responsibll is still on the loose righh now. %-no word on any sussects at tts point. description of the person that could be responsible for all of this. information on the stabbing, you are asked to call ballimore countyypolice. live in reisterstown, i'mmmegan giililand
>>> welcome back to fox 45 early edition. %-i'm patrice harris. ú%'ssit's the day after the primary election. the numbers are in, but noo all3 the numbers tell the storr yet. still some undecided races out there. the two most watched races in this year's primary election are still undecided. executive race and the city state's attorney. -e will show you how close those numbers are in a ffw minutes. first we need to get a check of our forecast, meteorologist steve fertig is here. good morning. >>> good morning, numbers arr close as far as tempeeaturrs, we're in the low 60s buu and a couple of cooler pots.ots we'rr warmer in the downtown area. ttmpprature beginning at 66 degrees which isn't so bad. we go to the outtkirrs in oakland. and thennin between, we got low 60s and so the numbers are going to get closer toward each other as we get toward the high temmerature for the day later on in the early to mid-afternoon. meanwhile the hd radar not eventful, the high pressure -- shoulddget up to 75 degrees by noon. topping out at 81 at 4:00 this afternoon and dropping back to 78 degrees at
. good morning, i'm patrice harris. it's time o get a look at our3 forecast. and meteorologist steve fertig is here with what people can expect as they go to the polls. >> there's going to be nothing ú%ather wise to keep you from getting to the polls. a lot of ry air..3 53 degrees at the bus stop. winds out of the west at 5 miles an hour. it's going a pretty afternoon as well with a lost sunshine. 56 degrees is the temperature in baltimore. a mild sphart bu!! mild start bn salisbury and baltimore. we are headed to 81 for the high today. mainly clear skies with a few high, thin, cirrus clouds moving through. look for 81 and as i said for a pleaaant afternoon. winds will be busy in the afternoon hours especially getting up to 10-25 miles per hour, too. expect breezy conditions later. let's see what is happening on the roadways now ith a first look at what is happening out there, here isslauren cook and me has the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve.ú if ou're traveling in howard county, you want toowatch out for a fallen utility vote in the wood bine area. woodbine area,
from a bear attack. >>> good morning. it's friday, septemmer 24th. i'm patrice harris. because it's friday, that meaas it's your turn to sound off on oor facebook page about anything you wan.ú let us know what is on your mind and your response could air on our facebook feedback segment. already comments coming in. just go toú to becom3 a fan and join the conversation. now e need to have a conversation with meteorologist steve fertig about our weekend weather. -p>>> the popcorn should be soundinn off in thh background, and lotssof t we have reduced visiiility out there because of the fog. temperatures out there pretty mild. i don't think you will mind that part. we are starting at 72 degrees throughout the area. 70 in salisbury and 59 in hagerstown. dry scannin sky hd radar, no, thhugh there's a chance of some i will tell you when that would be, but maybe not ttis weekend as we stay dry and hot today, and i think we say hot, beccuse temperatures will be near 90 degrees or above. the record is 95 as we get close to it. cooler ir is on the way for the ú%ld
with the details. good morninn, emily. >>> good morning,,patrice. i'm standing here on stage at pumpkin feeder. we're about to get a taste of what is cooing this weekend with hensel and gretel.3 llt's get a little taste herr. >> and ♪ ♪ so this is how you do your >> i was working? ú% wait unnil you tell your ú%ther. >> i'm also joined by seiss here!!staceyhere the director. and gretell whichhwe are o excited. we will be performing this coming weekend saturday and sunday 11and 3:00. >> is this a erformance for all ages. -p>> we are the longest running theater in baltimoree ut it's for all ages, from younn toddlers to 99 years old. >> pumpkin threaters, hensel nd gretel at st. timothy school. it will be chilly ut there thiú weekend. we can expect ttmperatures to be in the mid-to upper 60s. more fall like weather just in %-just a great time to spend sometime indoors at pumpkin theater. >> we aarefammliar with the hensel and gretel, we are not that familiar with nicole..3 >> reporter: here we go, tropical depression number 16 may become tropical depressson nicole. we will be watching becau
. sorry. that's okay said ben. patrice rolled off the bed. then he flickinged it into the toilet. what's this? his head was on my which of the now. that's an orchid. it keeps coming back. one with of those extra touches that mean a lot. he stared down at this offering. it don't look right somehow. i know. especially with a condom on it. he cleaned up at the sink. he started gathering up his clothes. hang with us for a while. busy day tomorrow. >> my other job, bacheloret party. i strip for private parties. that's what this is for. he was stepping into his fatigues. apparently impressed. it ain't worth the bus fair half the time. patrice shrubbed. if a sister has a plate of ribs, there's no way to held her attention. ben and i laughed. i'm serious. tickled to his response. i am up there working my ass off and they are sitting down there with their press on nails. tough crowd. they say they like the mens, he drew out the last. but they don't like the mens like the mens. they don't tip as good either. he came to the bed until we came his naked book ends. he laid there for a while. be we
purple just 92 time for the ravens ttking on the jets n the season opener.3 good morning, i'm patrice harris. and mmteorologist steve fertig is therr. >>> people arr goong to think that we're cooorizing the sky. >> it's the actual sky. >> it's defiiitely loooing purple. we're looking at a pretty day all day llng and also the game if youure headed up to the new meadow land staddum. it hoold be a nice night for the game. 65 degrees in baltimore, and hagerstown is at 66 degrees as you head out. looking at dry conditions althougg there's fog to deall3 with this morning.3 we'rinwe're lookkng atta frontal -ounddry, that is going to have a dry front that pushhs through. weewill keep temperatures aa 55 and uppee 700sand near 80 all weekend long. the best chance of rain cooes oú fridaa and igor which s keepin3 an eye on the ropics doesn't appear to be a threat to the unnted statessmainland. let's see what is happening on the roadways, lauuen cooke is here with the trrffic edge to let you know. lauren. stevee we're ealing with a big accident on i-95 in cecil county. it's shutdown theenorth
into energy. >>> good mooning. it's thursday, september 23rd. i'm patrice harris. we want to get over to weather.3 meteorologist steve fertig is here wiih our fist look at fall. >> as the stormy night, it looks like we start with somm mild temperatures, no storms, though. ann just temperatures that will be climbing once agaan toward the 90-degree marr. we're at 73 degrees at baltimmre, 68 in salisbbry, 68ú in agerstown. as you can see the sky hd radar -ndicating the howers moving ú%e stoomy weather is gone and in its place we get the heat plus humidity and a little bit of fog this morning as a result %-the frontal boundary stays to the north. here comes the heat and humidity again. near 90s nd 90s tomorrow and cooler air moves in for the weekend. things are hot, near 90 today and tomorrowwcooling on saturday the 70s and the showers bb the beginning of next week. what is happening oo the roads right now? lauren cooke has the answer with the trafffc edde. lauren. many of you in baltimore county are wakinn up to storm damage. we dealing with many fallen trees in monkkon. fortunnteel
'reelooking at a speed of 55 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. ,3 >>> we are following a developing story this morning.3 a two alarm fire rips hrough a home in north baltimore overnight injuring one person. ttere were 6 people inside the home on northern parkway when the fire broke outtaround 2:300thii morning. everyone escaped, incluuing one3 -umped out of a second storyhe window. >>> fire justtbroke out in one of the bedrooms upstairs. theemom of the house had toojum3 out of the attic window. ddd anddone of the kidss nd sister got down the steps, we cllmb around the roof, nd pretty much free fall off the roof. if we would have been in there a moment longer han we would have burned riggt with it. ú%aa the ssrvivvl skills kicked in with they did. >> the woman who was iijured in the fall, ii expecttd toobe okay. the cause the fire is still under investigation. >>> the recession is officially ooer! %-buu many people here in maryld and across the couutrr are having trouble believing that the recovery ffr real. megan gilliland is live with the latest numbe
%-good morning, mgann >> reporter: good morning, patrice. alreedy two cruiseeships that left here from the port of baltimore have been impacted byú hurricann earl. the carnival ride and the royal caribbean enchantment of the i1i10 raries and destinations to >>> earl is ripping through the -aribbean and he is leaving a trail of damage in its path. this is what t looked like at the virgin islands after earl showed uppthere. strong winds wreckeddhavoc in st. john's bay. this waa.ages in the doll minutn %--mergency officials to plan fr what is the big danger here? >> nowwtheegood news is thatt3 this storm is preddcted to loss strength as it moves north, but officials are still arning that %-the u.s. because of the severe flooding. you should expect that there's go to be pounding rain, some high winds and very daagerous waves out there ii the coming days. livv frrm theport o!! the port , megan gilliland.3 fox 45 mor 45 morning news. >>> he marrlaad emergency agency is keepinn an eye on joel d smith is live ith the latest preparations. good morning, joel. >> repprter: good morning. pa
miles pee hou3 that's the traffic edge report. patrice bein, back to you. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> a man is tabbed and left for dead in reisterstown. it happened early hii morringg while the victim fights for his lifee,the erson responsibbe is still on the loose. megan gilliland is live onnthe scene where police areesearching for a suspect. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. we're live on the intersection of route 140 and franklin ú%ulevard in reiiterstown. this is usually a very safe area, but this morning the site of a crime scene. a man stabbed and left for dead at the intersection up here andú someehere. ú% happened at 12:30 this ú%lice are not sure if this was a robbery attempt, but they do3 believe a fight broke out efore that victim was stabbed. his injuries all life-threatening at this point. the person responsible is still on the loose. police are investigating right now. no word on any suspects at this ww will bring yyu an update ii and when police releese a description. meanwhile, if you have any informatioo on the stabbing, baltimore
, patrice. i'm here by rabbi shapiro. -veryone gave it a try and3 you're the most talented. blowing the sho shofarrtion of >> i rememberrgoing to the races they blow the horn. -hat's what we're saying, waae-up the race is about to start, be theee, be ready. >> these are beautiful horns, -p>> this is made out of the hon of a kodu and these are ram's horns. tonight. >> it's going to be a great contest. everyone is invited. >> ttere's different categories. >> the longest bloww the loudest blow and the most traditional blow and the most creative bloww come and do your best with the shofar blowing contest goinggat the congregation. can you find all of theú at it looks like a gorgeous day in store for us. mostly sunny skies and a slight wind out of the northwest bringiig those comfortable, dry ú%nditions, a pprfect evening3 for coming outtand enjoying this. steve, definitely something to give a try..3 how are yyu at the shofar. >> reporter: i could go okay. ú%'s great shofar blowing weather, is it not? -p>> beautiful. >> reporter: we're looking at a dry scan across
. i'm patrice harris. let's get a check oo our ú%recast as peopll are getting out anddheading out about this mornnng..3 meteorologiit steve fertiggis heee with what we can expect today. >> today weecould have obviously we're talkinn about rainshowwrs and they're heavy anddoff the eastern seaboard. we could have gotten thunderstorms in theeeastern seaaoard, paarice. that would have taken a course to the east. let's a look at tte hd radar, and you can see the story. the central counties beginning to see more activity but most of ú%ints west, you have toward fredeerck county. that sswhere youusee the heaviest rain.ú we could hhve had a llt of %-in the atlantic occan. staying weestill get some rain out of thhs and we do have lash side of the chesapeake bay at rather mild, tte samm for .c.úd 63 for the hhgh. and evee a hancc for a little -hunder especially to the west later in the day as we climb to the 80-degree mark..3 what are we deellng on the roadways with this morning though? we got to check in with lauren %-lauren.úhhs the traffic edge. >> reporterr we conttnue to fol
of the hottest races. september 14th. i'm patrice harris. we need to get check of our forecast. the ppople are headdng out toú meteorolooist steve fertig is here. good morning,. a celebratory, tuesday morning. >> yeah, everybody is still and only 50 more to go how about that. as you head out this morning, it's election day, primary day, here is what we''e looking at as far as the starting emperature, not bad, 60 degrees for the3 starttng temperatuue and 51 in hagerstown ut not feeling bad. dry conditions over the region. we will see plenty of sunshine, it will be brrezier this afternoon as the front pushes further south ask we will get for of a westerly flow in herr. weewill look at the winds to pick up and gusting higher. the hance of rain oesn't come in until the low pressure center moves through. weekend long. thh best chance of rain, thursday late into friday mmrning. we will keep an eye on he tropics, as weehave two hurricanes out ttere, igor and julia coming up in a few minutes. here is lauren cooke with a checc on the traffic. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. while we d
. that's a pretty way to wake-up if you're overlooking the innee harbor. good morning, i'm patrice3 harris. >> we had a beautiful weekend oú weather. will that continue? here. >> good morning to you. it will be veryypretty today. temperatures will be closer to -easonable, which means aafew degrees cooler, aad awed onlyyan >> i'm ready for fall.paarice.3% >> it gets warmer as we get to auuumn. we will ake a look at the 7 ay forecast. taae a looo at hd radar, dry conditions and partially cloudy skies, and baltimore, and salisbury and agerstown, down in the 60s, it's going to cool down quite a bit in overnight. ffr the daytime today high pressure will bbild in and bring us a pretty day. meanwhile igor off the rip ccrrent and warmer air returns as we head to the firrt day of autuun. mid-80s mid-week with a few %-possibly as we get to the mid-week as well. check of tte traffic edge, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good mooning, steve. we are dealing with an accident a motorcycle, it's going to be %-matter drive.urnie at oak %-tooget in the city, noohing to get in your way as we c
ride through the harbor tunnee. that's a look at the traffic patrice, back to you. >>> it was expected toobe a morning the race for city state call. according to unofficial results, though gregg bernsteennis the winner beeting out incumbent patrrcia jessamy. megan gilliland is at the war memorial downtown where jessamy is expecteddto meet with her staff later this morning. good morning, meggn. >> reporter: at 7:00 this meet here at the war memorial with her staff of 300 people. true, it coold be a sad day for these ppople thaa have beee here for 15 years. if she comes here this morning, she coold say she is choosing to fight those results. as it sttads right now all ball lott in the 2900pres 220 precins the city are in. the election has not decleered bernstein this morning. it's a toughest battle that jeesamy hassever faced. she was appointed to the ciiy %-1995 byythe city court judges. voters returned her to office three imms after that. this year bernstein a mighh hhve ended her streak. underdoo.nsideredded the as the campaign heated up he snatched big endorsements. last night both
becoming south 5-10 miles per hour. patrice. >>> the head of the u.s. labor howard county. megan gilliland has the latest what she had to say on the state of the economy on this labor day. >>> on the weekend we honor worring americans.ú the u.s. deeartment of is visit -omething thh hardest working men and wooen. the secretary met withúú%firefir fire station in howarr county where the unemployment stands at a low 5.7%. across he country it's much higher. the latest figure showed that 9-.6% of the americans are withoot jobs. whilele figures are grim, solis says that the country is moving forward. month. the last two jobs when bush wws president there was no job ú%owth. that's a big difffrence. >> reporter: on john %-blasted that olicy saying tht the policies have failed and saying that the country is has less jobs today than when the stimuluu package was passed. >>> a boy is rushed to the hospital after he is shot in the %-and is expected to recover.n arrest, last month the man was shot to death when he sat in hi3 car. at the time pplice were searching for three teenagers. now police
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